Monday, August 24, 2009

Creative Logo Design

I was at the mall with my kids the other day. As we neared the food court, we noticed a new frozen yogurt stand. Yogen Fruz. Of course my kids wanted to try it out. And we did.

The smoothies were great. Mine was all fruit. My youngest daughter had a yogurt and fruit smoothie. My eldest daughter had chocolate frozen yogurt blended with raspberries.

It's what I took away from the visit that shows the true spirit of a designer. My smoothie cup! I brought it home, washed it out and it sits on a shelf in my office.


Because the logo is so simple and yet so cool. Fruz has an umlat over the u. To call attention to it, the u is pink, rather than the blue of the other letters. Nothing special. But they took the u, with it's umlat, made it bigger and set it apart from the name. And now it's ... a smile!

Yes, Yogen Fruz smoothies make me smile. So does their logo. Very cool, yet very simple design. I love it!

The cup will remain on my shelf as inspiration. Keep it simple - creatively!

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