Monday, June 14, 2010

Bartering Revisited

Last year, I wrote a post about bartering (see Bartering Services, 8/24/09). At the time, I wondered if bartering was a viable option for my own business.

As I write this, I am negotiating just such an agreement with a client. We are, luckily, in a position to provide each other with services that our businesses need. Set up properly, this will be a win for both of us.

So, here are the items I am keeping in mind as we prepare the paperwork.

  • cost of services provided are the same for both of us - an equal trade
  • the services being provided benefit both of us
  • that we have consulted our respective accountants and lawyers to ensure proper documentation
I am excited by this new avenue for my business. While I can't do it frequently, as cash flow would suffer, I think bartering could have it's place.

How could bartering benefit your business?