Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Referrals from unlikely places

Every business needs referrals. They often come from satisfied customers raving to a colleague or friend about your service or product. The colleague may have a similar problem and they give you a call.

It's a great way to get new business.

Recently, I received a referral. It wasn't from a colleague. It wasn't from a friend. It was from my daughter. Wow!

Now, a referral coming from a family member isn't unique. What surprised me the most is, my daughter is 14 years old.

I work from home, so both my kids are aware of what I do. I just didn't know they were paying attention enough to spot a potential project and make a referral. But that's exactly what happened.

OK. As a mom, I sure am proud of her. But the point is, referrals can come from anywhere. Share what you do with others around you. You never know where your next referral will come from.

If you have had a referral source that surprised you, please share it below.

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