Monday, June 14, 2010

Bartering Revisited

Last year, I wrote a post about bartering (see Bartering Services, 8/24/09). At the time, I wondered if bartering was a viable option for my own business.

As I write this, I am negotiating just such an agreement with a client. We are, luckily, in a position to provide each other with services that our businesses need. Set up properly, this will be a win for both of us.

So, here are the items I am keeping in mind as we prepare the paperwork.

  • cost of services provided are the same for both of us - an equal trade
  • the services being provided benefit both of us
  • that we have consulted our respective accountants and lawyers to ensure proper documentation
I am excited by this new avenue for my business. While I can't do it frequently, as cash flow would suffer, I think bartering could have it's place.

How could bartering benefit your business?

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  1. Update: Since this post was written, my client and I have completed our projects for each other. Both of us are very pleased with the results.

    I designed a logo for my client. In return, she performed a usability audit on my website.

    At a later date, separate from our barter agreement, my client asked me to help her combine her logo and a word-cloud she created. She is using the combined image as her web banner.

    To view the results, you can visit You can see her logo in the web banner and follow the links associated with my website usability audit.

    To read my clients take on bartering, please visit